Creative Europe is the European Commission’s programme to support the cultural and audiovisual sectors. The programme is based on the success of the former MEDIA, Media Mundus and Culture programmes.

What is the Creative Europe programme?

Creative Europe (2021-2027) is the European Commission’s flagship programme to support the culture and audiovisual sectors. With a budget of 2,44 billions (50% budget increase compared to its predecessor programme), Creative Europe will invest in actions that reinforce cultural diversity and respond to the needs and challenges of the cultural and creative sectors. Its novelties will contribute to the recovery of these sectors, reinforcing their efforts to become more digital, greener, more resilient and more inclusive.

Creative Europe has two main objectives

  • to safeguard, develop and promote European cultural and linguistic diversity and heritage; and
  • to increase the competitiveness and economic potential of the cultural and creative sectors, in particular the audiovisual sector.

More specifically, it aims to:

  • enhance artistic and cultural cooperation at European level; support the creation of European works; strengthen the economic, social and external dimension of Europe’s cultural and creative sectors; favour innovation and mobility;
  • encourage cooperation on innovation, sustainability and competitiveness;
  • promote cross-sectoral innovative and collaborative actions as well as diverse, independent and pluralistic media environment/media literacy, thereby fostering freedom of artistic expression, intercultural dialogue and social inclusion.

In addition, Creative Europe promotes efforts and best practices that contribute to the achievement of key European Commission priorities such as the Green Deal, inclusiveness and gender balance.

Creative Europe is divided into three strands

CULTURE, covering all cultural and creative sectors (with the exception of the audio-visual and film sectors);
MEDIA, covering the audiovisual and film sectors;
CROSS-SECTORAL, facilitating collaboration across creative sectors and covering the news media sector.

The total budget for Creative Europe (2021-2027) is estimated at €2.4 billion to be distributed as follow

  • Culture 33%
  • Media 58%
  • Cross-sectoral 9%

Which countries can apply for funding from Creative Europe ?

Motta vårt nyhetsbrev med nyheter og aktiviteter innen MEDIA-programmet!