European Film Forum fra Tallin

European Film Forum fra Industry@Tallin og Baltic Event finner sted online 23. november kl 15.00 – 18.00.

11. november 2020

European Film Forum – 23. november kl 15.00 – 18.00
The New Playbook: Resilience, Foresight, Transformation.
Strømmes online på https://industry.poff.ee/ og på YouTube.

Konferansen vil fokusere på følgende temaer:

  • The new industry leadership playbook at the time of COVID19 Pandemic – how to transform successfully through resilience and foresight
  • Redefining windows and rights: a time for European film distribution and exhibition value chain 2.0
  • Reaching the audience during a lockdown: A deep dive into the best practices of VOD, Livestreaming, Watch Parties and Alternative Distribution
  • Reimagining Film Festivals during lockdown: How have festivals adapted, failed, or succeeded and how to define the future role of the festivals at the European level and beyond
  • European Frontieres: The public-private model and European Copyright Infrastructure as an example of future European catalyst

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